Jetwing Lagoon, Negombo, Sri Lanka

The Jetwing Lagoon is located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka in a town called Negombo. Building on 40 years of experience, the hotel’s sustainability initiatives have now enhanced its reputation, which is largely down to the dedicated efforts of the Jetwing staff, both at the hotel and across the group.

The Jetwing Group has developed ‘The Jetwing Green Directories’ which is a comprehensive document that explains the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategies to guests. The purpose of the directories is to explain the core environmental and community activities, providing in-depth information on the Jetwing Group’s sustainability activities. The Green Directories are tailored for each Jetwing property and placed in all guest rooms - informing, educating and encouraging guests to support their sustainability journey.

Jetwing Lagoon’s sustainability priorities include:

Water Efficiency

  • 100% (or 50,000 litres per month) of the water used within the hotel is treated through a water treatment plan using aerobic treatment with filtration reed beds.
    - Treated water is used to water the hotel's gardens

Energy Efficiency

  • Centralised solar hot water system used during day time and biomass powered boiler used during the night time
    - Biomass powered boiler uses cinnamon firewood as a carbon-neutral method of energy generation

  • Installation of 20kw solar photovoltaic system to power all guest lighting
    - An indicator has been fitted into each of the guest rooms so they can see how much power they are using

Supporting local charities and community groups

  • The property provides the following financial aid
    - In February 2013 it made a donation to support the building of two toilets in the mission house at Thalahena Church in Negombo
    -In December 2012, it bought & distributed 60 handmade Christmas cards from Don Bosco Children’s Home to send to in-house guests. All proceeds went towards maintenance of the children’s home

  • Providing support to local schools, by providing snacks for 100 school children at the Dungalpitiya mixed school to assist with their annual talent show

  • Working with 5 other Jetwing properties to sponsor cataract surgery for 52 underprivileged people as well as providing aftercare treatment

  • Supporting World Environmental Day by
    -Hosting children’s crafts competitions across 9 schools using waste materials
    -Presenting to school children on climate change

  • Jetwing Youth Development Project – an initiative that is designed to empower rural youth who are underprivileged and cannot afford higher education. The initiative provides training for suitable employment within Jetwing hotels as well as creating opportunities for them to find employment elsewhere within the hospitality industry

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