Spring Arona Gran Hotel Beach Clean

The Travelife Silver awarded Arona Gran Hotel on the bay of Los Cristianos in Tenerife promotes itself as the ideal place to enjoy the sun and the beach. As they base their business on these natural resources, they take their responsibility to the environment very seriously.

The hotel is a great example of how Travelife members work towards sustainability and are happy to get involved to protect the environment.

On 22 July 2014, motivated by the make holidays Greener month of the Travel Foundation and Travelife, the Spring Arona Gran Hotel organized a beach clean involving employees and guests.

The hotel’s Assistant Manager, Mar Alonso, explained to us how the beach clean was organized: We decided to organize the beach clean in the Spring Arona Gran Hotel because we are situated right on the seafront and it is in our interest to keep the local environment in good condition. A beach clean seemed ike a great way to do so. We are aware that all the rubbish left in the sand and rocks of the beach is a danger for sea life, so we wanted to make our contribution to keep the planet clean and protect the environment. In this case by keeping our beach clean!

To start we spoke to our guests about the beach clean a day before. With the help of our chief of entertainment, Melinda, we made everyone aware of the level of pollution on the earth and what it will do to our beach. This motivated the guests to take part in the beach clean. The following morning we met everyone at the swimming pool and supplied them with caps, t-shirts, plastic gloves and plastic bags. We are very proud to say that an impressive 42 people got involved, 7 staff members and 35 guests of the hotel.

We then went directly to the beach. Nearly two hours later the beach was clean and the clients and staff satisfied and thirsty!!! We thanked all of them with a cup of “cava” and some orange juice for the children.

In two hours the 42 participants managed to collect 5 kilos of paper, 4 kilos of plastic, 8 kilos of glass and 24 kilos of other solid waste, therefore collecting a total of 41 kilos of rubbish! After the collection all the rubbish was put into relevant recycling containers where possible by our bell boy.

We at Travelife are proud that the Spring Arona Gran Hotel has achieved such a great result with their beach clean. If you also want to organize a beach clean in your hotel you can do so all year round, for tips and more information please visit The Travel Foundation website: http://www.thetravelfoundation.org.uk/greenerhols/top_10_tips/