Otium Eco Club Side, Turkey

Otium Eco Club Side is dedicated to conservation and sustainability. The hotel is situated along the beautifully protected Titreyengöl Lake – home to different kinds of bird species. Most rooms have a beautiful lake view and are surrounded by pine forest. The environment is a crucial aspect of the hotel’s surroundings and each staff member shares the protection policy with their guests. The hotel believes that each employee’s personal connection to the area, together with their knowledge of sustainability should be shared with local people and guests to raise awareness. Otium Eco Club Side believes worldwide contribution is important to achieving sustainability.

Otium Eco Club Side

How Travelife helped us

Travelife has guided us to achieving a Gold award. With the tools provided such as the self-assessment checklist and website videos in Travelife’s “Getting Started in Sustainability” tool, we have been able to make a difference within our service processes. We have had two audits carried out by Travelife, both of which have been helpful and we are very proud to showcase our Gold award at the entrance of our hotel.

How we have improved water efficiency

Over the years we have taken steps to improving our water efficiency by installing water flow limiters in shower heads and taps and advising guests to change towels and bed linen on alternate days. We monitor water consumption monthly and yearly by using a monitoring table which overall, highlights our savings.

How we have improved our energy efficiency

We have measures in place to save energy such as energy saver cards, turning appliances off when the doors are open, eco light bulbs and ecological guides in rooms which educate guests on how they can minimise energy usage. We monitor energy consumption monthly and yearly by using a monitoring table which overall, highlights our savings.

How we generate our own energy

We use solar panels to generate our own energy. The majority of hot water comes from the hotels solar panels.

How we reduce waste

Before purchasing tangible items we take the time to weigh the amount of waste that will be generated by plastic, paper, cardboard and glass. In order to reduce the amount of waste generated we purchase items in bulk. Any waste we do have is recycled and we advise guests to do the same. Food waste is transported to the local mini zoo and any vegetable oil waste is given to local farms where they then covert this to energy.