Club Seno Sarigerme, Turkey

Club Seno is situated on a beautiful hill overlooking 7km of broad coastal line. The unusual architecture of the buildings together with the beautiful sandy beach offers a spectacular view of Sarigerme Bay and Baba Island. Club Seno has 184 well equipped rooms spread out over 19 bungalows which all provide impressive views of the sea.

Club Seno Sarigerme and beautiful sea view

The employees of Club Seno are committed to both the environmental and social aspects of sustainability and a few of their environmental initiatives for the near future are as follows:

  • Within 2013 solar energy panels will be implemented into all of the guests rooms

  • Halogen projectors at the beach will be replaced by more energy-efficient lighting

  • The amount of water flowing in guest rooms will be significantly reduced (maximum 6 liters p/min for wash basins and 10 liters p/min for showers

Club Seno strongly believes in respecting the natural and cultural elements of the environment as well as ensuring the quality and service of hospitality for guests is maintained at a very high standard. The hotel believes that to deliver the best service possible the staff working at the hotel should be thoroughly looked after and organized to ensure they are happy and safe in their working environment.

How Travelife helped us

Through the implementation of sustainable initiatives, we have significantly reduced our energy consumption and waste produce. Travelife have assisted us by providing information on how to increase guest and staff awareness regarding our sustainability performance. We have recently been awarded with a Travelife Gold award and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We look forward to showcasing our award plaque in an observable area.

How we have improved water efficiency

We have different schemes in place to improve our water efficiency. We do not use any natural wells for water as we want to protect the seashore land and the quality of the soil. As an alternative, we treat our waste water and re-use it wherever possible. We have also dropped our irrigation system which was used to water our gardens and we encourage the use of water jets and other machines to reduce water consumption. We have also installed push taps throughout the hotel to reduce waste water.

How we have improved our energy efficiency

Throughout the hotel we have different schemes in place to use energy more efficiently for example; we use energy saving light bulbs and are planning to replace the Halogen projectors at the beach with more energy saving light bulbs. The hotel has also installed electricity saving pumps and photocell perception sensors in designated areas.
When considering renewable sources we currently use solar panels for heating water in the staff canteen. This has been a huge success and one of our ambitions for 2013 is to implement solar panels into the guest rooms. For heating, we use natural gasses and measure the emissions produced periodically. Our aim is to protect the atmosphere and reduce our carbon footprint as best we can.

Signage used throughout the hotel to inform staff and guests of global warming
and how we reduce our energy consumption.

How we reduce waste

We reduce waste by monitoring our consumptions. The waste produced and our cost controls depend on the different types of recipes used by the chefs whilst in the kitchen. We also have auditing in place every so often to review the waste management schemes.

All of the employees within the hotel are trained on how to improve water and energy efficiency and how to reduce waste.

How we support local business

Here at Club Seno the local businesses are our main priority. We realize the significant benefits that tourism expenditure brings to local businesses and our country. We advise guests to participate in different guided activities which are available such as mountain biking, Nordic walking and shopping excursions to build a good relationship with the local people and the community and to gain a deeper tourism experience.

How we support conservation and cultural heritage

Cleaning and conserving our environment is conducted by Club Seno Green Team and a mixture of professional divers. We are also key stakeholders in protecting sea turtle nesting areas.

How we support local charities or community groups

Club Seno is a member of a few local environmental organisations and we try to gain as much participation with them as possible. We have also built a Green Team to help clean up our local community and preserve the environment.

Club Seno’s Green Team

How we have involved our staff

We try to involve our staff at every opportunity. We have a variety of posters throughout the hotel to increase sustainability awareness and provide information. The posters are designed to not compromise hygiene levels and guest satisfaction. We also increase staff awareness by carrying out periodical auditing and staff training.

Posters and signage available throughout the hotel

Club Seno employees during staff training

Club Seno employees during staff training

What our guests think

Our guests appreciate all the activities and initiatives which we have done and support us in any which we plan to carry out. Many of our guests have actively been involved in activities such as cleaning the environment and making the water safe.

To find out more please visit www.club-seno.com