Neilson Hellas Anastasia Resort, Halkidiki


Our Mission Statement

Neilson Active Holidays have been operating top quality activity holidays for over 25 years and recognizes that to sustain a high quality travel and tourism product it is vital to take responsibility for the conservation, protection and, where possible, improvement of the social and physical environment in which it operates.

At Neilson Hellas Anastasia Resort we are committed to a more ethical and sustainable approach to the way we run our business. With regard to the social aspect of sustainability we are strongly involved with the local community; by providing jobs, training, supporting local economies and being a key stakeholde in community development. In respect of the environment we have many initiatives in place to help minimize our impact; such as managing our physical activities, water, energy and waste.
We aim to promote both environmental and cultural awareness among our guests, staff and suppliers through provision of information and training opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

We have three approaches in place to improve our water efficiency. Firstly, water filters have been fitted into all of our guest rooms; the filters create a sprinkler effect that reduces water consumption by up to 50%.
Secondly, all of our gardens are watered by either a droplet pipe system or a sprinkler system that ensures no water wastage. Our sprinkler systems are automatic and are only activated when there is a demand for water. Further to this, we only use eco-friendly fertilization products within our gardens.
Lastly, we improve our water efficiency by monitoring our laundry cycles. The housekeeping department have been trained and instructed to only wash linen when necessary and to wash in the lowest possible temperature to save energy. Laundry items which are stained are washed separately and at a higher temperature.

Energy efficiency

Key card

We have taken several measures to improving our energy efficiency. Firstly, key-card power saving switches have been installed in all of our guest rooms to save energy. When a guest removes their key-card from a socket located on the wall the power automatically stops. This is a great measure to ensure that lights and electrical equipment are not left on when a guest has vacated their room.

Deactivation sensors

Another power saving measure we have in place is deactivation sensors. The sensors have been placed in all of our guest rooms besides the balcony door. When a door is open the sensors deactivate the air conditioning unit saving energy.
Air conditioning units located in inactive areas throughout the hotel for example, the conference rooms are deactivated when not in use. With regards to the temperature of the air conditioning units, we aim to set them at 23? and no less, again this is to save energy as best we can.

Deactivation sensors

Throughout the public areas of the hotel we have a motion censored lighting system in place. When a guest is present the lighting will automatically switch on and when they have left the area the lighting will automatically switch off. We are also working towards fitting all of our lamps and lighting structures with low energy light bulbs; this will reduce our consumption by up to 40%.

PC equipment

More than 90% of our PC equipment is plugged into Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. UPS systems create a stable current and contain a battery saving set up that reduces the power consumption by up to 10%.

Purchasing policy

When purchasing electronic equipment, we aim to buy energy efficient products, for example; LED screens instead of plasma.


Each day our hotel has two checkpoints in place to monitor and manage energy usage. From 18:00 to 23:00 an assigned duty manager is responsible for turning off all of the non-essential electrical devices. When the duty manager is off duty, the night porter steps in and takes over the responsibility for additional checks of the hotel. Both the duty manager and the night porter fill in a daily report recording their check times and any actions that need to be taken. The report is then delivered to the manager’s office at the end of their shifts.

Waste management

We have a range of measures in place regarding the different types of waste we produce throughout the hotel.


All of our waste is separated and placed into different categories depending on the materials properties and whether it can be recycled. We engage and train all of our hotel staff in each of the departments to recycle materials including; plastics, cooking oil, light bulbs, toners and cartridges, batteries, electrical appliances and glass. The waste items are then placed in separate containers outside of the hotel which are collected and disposed of by the local municipality.

Construction debris

Any construction debris which is created is placed in an assigned area situated 3km away from the hotel. The local municipality will then collect the debris and transfer it to the appropriate disposal area.

Gardening waste

Any gardening wastes created for example, grass cuttings, are placed in an assigned area situated 3km away from the hotel. The local municipality will then collect the gardening waste and transfer it to the appropriate disposal area.

Medical waste

Medical wastage including needles and other equipment used by our guests are secured according to Thomas Cook regulations and delivered to the local medical station of Kassandria for disposal.

Electronic and Electrical Waste

Technological waste including all of our refrigeration products are handled and recycled by a certified technician to ensure correct waste disposal in line with EU legislation.

Human waste

The hotel operates a fully functioning biological purification station; annual inspections take place to monitor this system.

Our environmental section of the hotel featuring recycling bins

Yacht environmental policy

Here at Neilson Active Holidays we have a yacht environmental policy in place to ensure that our activities do not damage the environment in which we operate in. Our policy therefore considers the following points;

  • The underwater environment when anchoring
  • Reducing the amount of soaps, detergents and shampoos used on board - this automatically reduces the amount of polluting chemicals which get discharged into the sea
  • Ensuring that no products are placed overboard even those which are degradable such as, apple cores and banana skins which are poisonous to marine life - it is essential to remember that items which may be biodegradable on land are not at sea for example; a banana skin can take up to 10 years to biodegrade in salt water
  • Reusing plastic bags as much as possible for example, as bin liners
  • Considering our waste disposal as some of the more remote places we visit do not have refuse collection therefore, we dispose of the waste at the larger ports
  • We empty the holding tanks by using the shore facilities wherever possible. If it is not possible to empty the holding tanks at shore we empty the tanks where the water is deep, free flowing and away from harbours and bays
  • We are careful when snorkelling, feeding the fish and picking up sea creatures as this can create disturbance to marine life. We have a motto in place to protect our marine life “Take only pictures and leave only bubbles”
  • only allow professional engineers to refuel our yachts as they have had plenty of practice and are less likely to cause spillages

Yachts out on the water

How we involve our guests and staff

Guests - All of our guests are informed about how they can support our green actions. We do this by featuring environmental posters within the lobby and the reception area. We have also created leaflets which are placed in each of the guests’ rooms with actions and points on what guests can do, in and around the hotel, to help sustain the environment. A separate leaflet has also been placed in the bathroom to inform and remind guests of power saving actions.
Staff – All of our employees are instructed and trained to follow eco-friendly practices in their day to day operations. We provide staff with bicycles for their transportation back and forth to the village and maids are instructed to use daylight to clean the bedrooms rather than using the main electrical lighting.

Employee relationship

We like to maintain a healthy relationship with our employees, which means they feel consulted and happy to work for us. In turn, they give our guests the best service. We do not have a hierarchical relationship with employees. We engage with all our employees in a friendly tone and the line manager’s presence is there for support and to help engage employees to achieve their full potential when at work.

Most of our staff are local to the area and have been employed by the hotel for many years. Local employees are provided with unique opportunities for training, the cost of which is covered by the hotel.

When considering staff training all of our employees are thoroughly trained to the company’s environmental and social policies, as well as our health and safety objectives. A crucial aspect of our training is to ensure the highest possible standards of health and safety for both employees and guests. At the start of every season two fire drill exercises take place to ensure that the staff are trained and prepared in the event of an emergency. The drill exercises are then carried out an additional three times throughout the season.

Both activity employees and hospitality employees here at Neilson Active Holidays are first aid trained and confident with their abilities. Our employees also participate in any training opportunities that the Greek government provides for example, HASP training which took place in 2010. Additional to training the hotel provides basic medical equipment such as crutches, defibrillator and stretchers.

A happy work force here at Neilson Hellas Anastasia Resort

Charity Involvement

Here at Neilson Hellas Anastasia Resort we are greatly involved with charity work. As a member of Thomas Cook we actively donate to Sail 4 Cancer and Thomas Cook Children’s Charity. Each Wednesday we hold a different event where all proceeds are given to the named charities.

In front of the reception lobby we have a fundraising tin to collect donations for S.O.S. village. S.O.S village is a charity set up for orphan children in Plagiari Thessaloniki. As well as our donation box we also like to give used equipment from our kids club, clothing and any old replaced hotel devices at the end of every season. We also offer fundraising collection tin for the charity, Arion, which is a centre for the protection of aquatic life and dolphin population in Greek waters.

Guests can find out more information by enquiring at our reception where we can provide further contact details for each of the charities.

Local community endorsement

Here at Hellas Anastasia Resort we have a strong relationship with different sectors of the community some of our engagement is as follows:

  • Providing the local football team, Nea Skioni with uniforms and equipment
  • In 2010 a small oil spill occurred and in response we provided help with 2 power boats and 20 members of staff to help clean up the beach
  • For the past three years at the end of the hotel season, we gather up our staff and clean the local port, Nea Skioni
  • The hotel is the main financial supporter for the annual festival of anchovy that takes place within the local village. The expenditure brought in from the festival supports our economy
  • Through educational materials we urge guests and staff to spend money and purchase items from the village to endorse the local economy
  • We financially aid the cultural festival of the municipality of Kassandra
  • We provided the lighting for the local church
  • We financially aided the ports ramp
  • We did the paperwork and partially paid for the local port to be provided with water supply & generator stations for boats

To find out more This is just a snapshot of the Anastasia Resort actions on sustainability and how they achieved their Travelife award. To find out more, please visit: http://www.neilson.co.uk/beach/greece/halkidiki