Travelife Hotel Training Sessions

At the end of 2013 Travelife ran training sessions for hoteliers in Europe to help them understand how to achieve a Travelife award level.

In October a total of 156 members attended 10 training events held in Greece, Spain and Turkey. These focused on helping hotels to prepare for their audits as well as supporting hotels with the improvements they need to make to achieve Travelife award status. All the training events were delivered in the local language.

Travelife was supported in delivering the training by environmental consultancy Preverisk. As well as explaining the Travelife system and requirements the events also covered local laws relating to sustainability.

Feedback from attendees was very positive. Participants particularly found the information on management strategies and environmental issues useful. Many participants also appreciated the opportunity the events gave them to exchange information and tips with other Travelife members in their area.

If you want to learn more about what other hotels are doing to achieve Travelife award level, donít forget to have a look at the case studies on our website.

Travelife would like to thank all participants as well as trainers for making the sessions so valuable. We will be organising more trainings in the future, and will update you on the location and times.