New Travelife Checklist

Travelife is excited to roll out its new and improved audit checklist. The new checklist incorporates the advances made in sustainable tourism, reflecting new international standards and industry best practice. It is now available online.

Themes covered in the Travelife checklist

The new checklist builds on the broad themes of the previous checklist, but is more extensive in some areas. In order to find out more please see changes to the Travelife list. Along with the new Checklist we have introduced further changes to the system in order to improve the preparation and auditing process.

Key changes to include:

  • increased preparation time for the audit
  • additional support materials to help you prepare for your audit
  • the requirement to meet all criteria in the relevant checklist (see below) to achieve a Travelife award
  • the requirement to upload key documents to the Travelife system before requesting an audit
  • a maximum of 31 days after the audit to fill any information gaps and provide any additional evidence.

Two checklists and one more to follow

In order to cater for different types of accommodations we have developed a checklist specifically for smaller hotels which takes into consideration the ability of smaller businesses to meet the checklist requirements. We now have two checklists: one checklist for larger hotels (more than 160 guests per night) and one checklist for small or medium-sized hotels (less than 160 guests per night).

We are also developing a new checklist specifically for self-catering properties. This will be available at the end of the year.

Global recognition

We are happy to announce that through the changes to our certification standard we have now become one of only a few international certification schemes to be officially recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (an international sustainable tourism accreditation body).

For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly by emailing info@travelife.org.