Four Views boosts sustainability during winter refurbishments

The new season has just started for many accommodations, but the Travelife members have not been stopping their sustainability efforts during winter. Many have used their hotel closure time to refurbish the hotel and some have successfully implemented new sustainability measures helping them become more environmentally and socially responsible. As a result they have successfully gained the Travelife award.

One of the newly awarded hotels is the Four Views Monumental in Madeira, Portugal. The FourViews group’s mission is: ‘Green at heart, guest in mind’. Based on this the group has created the ‘Green Views’ brand, consolidating all aspects of sustainability in their business.

After a full refurbishment the FourViews Monumental was re-opened in March 2014. According to the group’s sustainability manager, Tiago Oliviera, the most important investments made were in the use of solar energy. In total 155 m2 of solar panels were installed for heating water. In addition to this a heat recovery system was installed to re-use the heat from the chillers and other parts of the hotel. New boilers and hot water tanks complete the whole system and will lead to a much higher energy efficiency level.

In addition to these measures the whole hotel is now also equipped with intelligent LED lighting systems, thermal insulation in roofs and terraces and new double glazed, sound and heatproof windows. Overall, Mr Oliviera estimates a 34%-39% reduction in the energy consumption since the refurbishment.

In terms of water efficiency, all guest and bathrooms were refurbished and water efficient devices for the taps were installed. The water flow of all taps is limited 5 litres per minute and the showers to 8 litres per minute.

To round up the sustainable story the garden areas were re-designed with indigenous plants and flowers and a spacious area for organic herbs that will be used in the kitchen.

Tiago Oliveira said ‘We are proud to be a sustainable business and that we have achieved the Travelife award. Travelife provides a great framework to systematize, formalize and communicate the activities in in the area of social responsibility and community involvement as well as in the environmental management of the hotel.

He added: ‘We are a family owned and run business and due to this we don’t think in years but generations. That’s why we invest in long-term and sustainable solutions. We know that everything we do in our business will come back sooner or later, positively or negatively. So we try to be a good player in the huge tourism market. We believe that we can make a difference in terms of environmental, social and community management and that a good reputation will help us in the future.