Inspira Santa Marta Hotel wins Green Hotel of the Year award

The Inspira Santa Marta Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal has received the ‘Green Hotel of the Year’ award at the European Hospitality Awards 2014 in London.  According to the hotel, it has achieved this accolade as a result of being a Travelife member, which has challenged the hotel to improve its sustainability performance each year.

Nicolas Roucos, General Manager of the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, receives the ‘Green Hotel of the Year’ award 2014

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel´s core concept is sustainability. It doesn’t just focus on improving its performance, but also tries to incentivize others to become more environmentally responsible, without compromising the comfort of the guests.

The hotel has successfully implemented measures to minimize its ecological footprint, reducing consumption of resources in all operational areas, such as: Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, front and back offices, and maintenance. The Inspira’s actions include using 100% green energy, thermal accumulators, recycling systems and paperless procedures. 

Nicolas Roucos, General Manager of the Hotel says:  “This accolade is a fantastic reward for the work and initiatives that the team at Inspira has completed since it opened in 2010. We hope to be able to continue to be a leader in sustainable hotel management, promoting our knowledge and good practice to other hotels in the future, as well as inspiring our stakeholders to do the same.”

To further improve their sustainability performance, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel will be investing in sustainable strategies. For example, it has supported World Responsible Tourism Day by sponsoring an event at Lisbon Botanical Garden, in partnership with the National Natural History and Science Museum of Lisbon University.

The aim was to promote the conservation of local biodiversity by inviting clients, suppliers, employees and social partners to participate in gardening activities. Lisbon Botanical Garden is an amazing space located at the heart of the city centre and visited by around 80,000 tourists a year. Extending over four acres, it is an important ecological landmark in the city, enjoyed by both tourists and residents. At the event, Inspira showcased its commitment to the regular maintenance of a particular area in the garden by a team of its employees over the course of one year.

Staff from the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel help maintain the local Lisbon Botanical Garden as part of their award-winning sustainability activities.