The importance of child protection

To achieve gold certification, Travelife members must recognise the importance of child protection and show that they manage it effectively.

According to UNICEF, around 3,500 children die every year as a result of child abuse. There are many types of child abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect. In fact UNICEF highlights that 80% of child maltreatment in the developed world takes place within families.

Even if local laws ban child abuse and the culture is known for its family values, accommodations still need to educate their staff and inform guests that they will not tolerate any form of abuse. If any instances take place, witnesses must be encouraged to report actions against either guest children or those in the local community. Communicating to staff will make them more confident about handling these issues effectively, while guests will feel their children are safe too.

An example of a Travelife accommodation tackling this issue is the Hotel Aquila Porto Rethymno, Crete. At their Travelife audit they did not meet the requirements of the child protection criteria, so they organised a 3-day staff seminar that was led by a local specialist organisation. Employees from all departments attended this event, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to eradicating any potential child protection issues in their property.

Staff from the Aquila Porto Rethymno hotel receive training on child protection

For more information on how to manage child protection in your property, take a look at Travelife’s Factsheet 16 – Managing Child Protection or contact us at info@travelife.org.