Highlighting local culture to guests

As tastes change, many guests are looking for more authentic holiday experiences that include seeing local landscapes, as well as the cuisine, people and culture. By promoting your unique local features, you are help to protect them – an essential part of the Travelife criteria.

TUI Ski Lodges & Mountain Hotels in the French Alps provide a great example. They brought local culture to life for their guests by organising regionally themed evenings at their Travelife-certified hotels.

Guests were invited to spend an evening learning about the Savoy region’s traditional way of life, including costumes, music, food and wine, as well as storytelling for children. The evening featured many aspects of the region, including a buffet of regional foods and a demonstration of traditional instruments such as alphorns and diatonic accordions. This provided guests with interesting anecdotes to tell their family and friends when they got home.

Traditional music and costumes from the Savoie region in the French Alps

These cultural evenings were not only an interesting event for guests, but also an effective way to promote the Travelife gold certification of the TUI Ski Lodges & Mountain Hotels. The Travelife logo was displayed in all of the promotional materials for the events including posters, Facebook, blogs and on the hotel TV screens. By doing so, TUI Ski Lodges & Mountain Hotels’ themed evenings demonstrate how properties can showcase their culture with pride to enhance their guests’ experience.