Winners of the WTTC's Tourism for Tomorrow awards

In April 2015, the winners of the annual World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Awards were recognised in Madrid, Spain, in the categories of environment, people, community, destination and innovation.

People Award: Confortel Hoteles, Spain

Madrid-based Confortel Hoteles, who are Travelife members, truly has people at its heart. It is dedicated to providing employment and career opportunities for people with disabilities and is leading the way in accessible tourism. Approximately 10% of its staff have disabilities and work across all hotel operations, from floor supervision to senior management. In fact at some hotels as many as 75% of employees have a disability, thus providing career choices in tourism for people who might struggle to find opportunities elsewhere.

Environment Award: Soneva Group, Thailand and Maldives

Soneva Group has two hotels in Thailand and the Maldives and is pioneering environmental sustainability, including setting up the Maldives’ largest solar installation, which has raised US $5.5 million for carbon mitigation projects through a climate levy on room revenue. But Soneva is also a global influencer. They have pioneered the development of their environmental profit and loss tool to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain.

Community Award: Reality Tours & Travel, India

In Mumbai’s Dharvi slum, Reality Tours & Travel is showing the world that slum tourism can be a good thing. The company helps the poorest in the community benefit from the positive opportunities that tourism can bring, whilst respecting the privacy and dignity of the local people. They do so through well-planned tours, with 80% of profits going to development projects, including a community centre and a pioneering scheme where women can turn old saris into designer products. Their projects have helped more than 2,500 local people since 2009.

Destination Award: Ljubljana, Slovenia

From regenerated pedestrian spaces, an ecological zone to state-of-the-art under-street recycling systems, Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, has been completely redesigned with sustainability in mind. Central to Ljubljana’s success is the partnership between Tourism Ljubljana and the municipality, engaging not only local businesses but also residents to shape their sustainability policy. Their vision has put tourism growth at the heart of Ljubljana’s development, reviving culture, restaurants and the entertainment sector.

To find out more information about the winners and finalists, please visit the WTTC's Tourism for Tomorrow website.