Changes to Travelife membership fees

On 1 July our membership fees will be revised to reflect the changes made to the Travelife standard and auditing process. Membership fees have been simplified to reflect the two types of audit checklists:

  • Type I for larger hotels or those that belong to a group
  • Type II for smaller hotels that accommodate less than 160 guests per night.

Membership fees and certification fees will be invoiced together once every two years, in line with the two-year audit validity.

Under the new system you will continue to receive your onsite audit and an improved auditor report, which will help you to address any issues that you may need to resolve to achieve your Travelife certification, post-audit.

We have also produced a series of support materials, exclusively for Travelife members, linked to the criteria in the Travelife checklist. The briefing notes, factsheets and templates provide you with more guidance on how to prepare for your audit. Specifically, the briefing notes provide an overview to Travelife and how to prepare for your audit, whereas the factsheets go into the key themes and topics of the checklist, such as managing hazardous substances and safeguarding children.

If your subscription and audit fees are due for renewal, a member of the Travelife team will contact you soon. However you can take advantage of the current rates by paying in advance (before 1 July 2015), meaning that you freeze your two year membership at our 2014/15 rates.  If you would like to take advantage of either option, please contact the Travelife team.

See below for the new Travelife fee structure:

If you have any questions, please contact the Travelife team.