Communicating your Travelife story

When joining Travelife, you sign up to far more than achieving a certification award. Sustainability management is a dynamic process which requires continuous review and improvement. As your sustainability journey continues and you look for new ways to improve, you should also tell your customers about your Travelife story and your sustainability achievements.

A Travelife awarded member should display their award plaque in their property and use the certification mark on their websites and in marketing materials. In addition, you can use your profile page on the Travelife Collection website to inform new and existing customers of your sustainability achievements.

As you know, your audit result lasts for two years, over which time you need to continue to improve your sustainability performance and tell your Travelife story, in preparation for your next audit. This is because you will be expected to meet additional criteria, including writing and communicating an annual sustainability report. Regular communications from Travelife with case studies from other hotels and sustainability tips can help you in this.  

For example, Travelife-certified hotel and member since 2013, Hotel Jardim do Vau, Portugal, has gone the extra mile in their Travelife journey by continuously updating their sustainability performance. Regular reports are produced on water, gas and electricity consumption, installation of new facilities such as solar panels and water flow reducers, as well as other sustainability developments. In turn, the hotel will use this information in the production of their annual sustainability report that details their Travelife story.

According to Travelife Audit Coordinator, Rocco Bonomo: “Receiving regular updates from our members minimises the time needed to prepare for their next audit for both the hotel and Travelife. It will also increase the chances of a successful new audit, by telling the next instalment of their Travelife story.”