Why be sustainable?

Respecting the people, nature and cultural aspects of the place where you operate and showing your guests how you do this demonstrates that you’re taking action to protect holidaymakers' favourite places for years to come. It also makes good business sense.

Tour operators have a responsibility and commitment to work with their supply chain and many display Travelife logos in their brochures and websites. Proving that you care is gaining importance.

Reducing energy, waste, and water usage results in big financial savings and also minimises / or improves your environmental footprint.

Ensuring you take care of employees improves customer satisfaction and staff morale, and enhances your operation. Your guests will notice this and appreciate it.

In a crowded market place you need to set yourself apart. Offer walking maps, have fresh local produce in the restaurant or even grow your own. Look at the Travelife Collection to find out how others are already doing this.

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