Travelife hotels set new standard in sustainability

First five hotels awarded against new criteria

In the first weeks of June we were very proud to announce that five hotels had successfully become certified by Travelife for Hotels and Accommodations under the new, more demanding assessment criteria launched earlier this year.

The new criteria were developed in collaboration with hotels and tour operators to help improve the sustainability performance of the industry. The criteria adhere to international standards (including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Ecolabel standards) and cover areas such as: reducing waste and use of water, energy and harmful chemicals, supporting the local community and protecting employees, human rights and wildlife.

The first hotels to have successfully met the new standard are:

  • Barut Hemera Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
  • Hipotels – Hotel Barrosa Garden, Costa de la Luz, Spain
  • Robinson Club Camyuva, Antalya, Turkey
  • Seaside Los Jameos Playa, Lanzarote, Spain
  • Susesi Luxury Resort, Antalya, Turkey.
“This is a fantastic achievement,” said Nikki White, Head of Destinations and Sustainability, Travelife. “It’s great to see the hard work of the hotels to improve their sustainability has paid off. Their success is helping to raise the bar in sustainable tourism around the world. ”

Joanne Hendrickx, Sustainable Destinations Manager at Thomas Cook UK & Ireland added: “We are really proud that three of the five hotels that have achieved the new gold award are enjoyed by Thomas Cook customers. We were the first major tour operator to subscribe all of our source markets to the Travelife system in order to ensure we provided a consistent sustainability message for our customers. We look forward to celebrating the success of many more hotel’s achievements over the summer. ”

The Travelife team is now looking forward to working with the rest of its 1,300 hotel members to help them improve the sustainability impacts of their business and achieve a Travelife Gold award. This summer alone there are 400 audits planned in over 20 destinations worldwide.

Some examples of sustainable activities undertaken by the Travelife Gold hotels include:

Barut Hemera Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
  • Sustainability information for guests, including information on local customs and environmentally protected areas
  • Buys local goods, and fairly traded, recycled, or energy efficient products

Hipotels – Hotel Barrosa Garden, Costa de la Luz, Spain
  • Flexible shifts to support childcare needs of staff and an employee committee and on-site union representative
  • Use of renovated furniture and re-use of old parts to fix broken items
Robinson Club Camyuva, Antalya, Turkey
  • Staff trained on managing environmental issues, such as saving energy
  • Information provided to guests on the local culture and how to dress and behave suitably
Seaside Los Jameos Playa, Lanzarote, Spain
  • Old textiles re-used for cushion covers, baby blankets etc.
  • Policy of providing employment to disadvantaged local people, including disabled people and those with learning difficulties.
Susesi Luxury Resort, Antalya, Turkey
  • Provides information to guests on the local culture
  • Works with local university to help protect nesting site of turtles