What is Travelife?

Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme. It helps its 1,300 hotel members around the world improve their environmental, social and economic impacts cost-effectively. Hotels that meet the Travelife standard are formally recognised with a Travelife award to promote their achievements.

Travelife has been designed by the travel industry as an affordable and fair system that helps hotels and accommodations to improve their sustainability.

To achieve a Travelife award and become certified hotels must become a Travelife member and prove they meet the Travelife assessment criteria. They will then receive a Travelife Gold award, an award plaque and the right to use the Travelife certification mark to showcase their sustainability achievements to their customers.

Criteria for large hotels/groups (more than 160 guests per night)

Criteria for small/medium-sized hotels (less than 160 guests per night)

In a recent survey, 96% Travelife members said they would recommend it to others. Dirk Robeyns, Operations Manager of Viva Hotels in Spain said: “Sustainability does not have to be expensive. That is why we chose Travelife – a cost effective way to manage and promote sustainability”.

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